Current Activities

KOGP’s plan for 2018 is to accelerate the growth of the company by aggressively seeking acquisitions of producing properties.

Primarily, we are focusing our attention on buying non-operated interests (WI, ORRI & RI) in producing properties with stable production histories and predictable decline curves in most of the lower 48 oil and gas producing states.


Although each deal varies in terms of the quality and characteristics of the individual oil and gas properties, we have been more aggressive and successful buying a package of assets that meet most of the following parameters:

  • Non-operated working interests, overriding royalty interests and minerals. However, we can, and sometimes prefer, to operate in south Texas (Dist 1-4) and central, western and southern Oklahoma.
  • Long-life properties with an expected life of at least 10 years.
  • High-margin properties where lease operating expenses are less than 30% of the gross revenues from the property.
  • Highly diversified properties with regard to location and value concentration.
  • Mid value property packages with a value range of $1 to $50 million.
  • Producting properties where >75% if the expected value of the package is allocated to proved producing (PDP) reserves.


  • Development drilling and reentry projects
  • Multi-well potential
  • Multi-pay objectives
  • Normally pressured reservoirs
  • Onshore Gulf Coast, Mid-Continent and Permian Basin


  1. We are a known industry player. In our 50 plus years of combined experience in the acquisitions business, we have developed an extensive list of industry contacts whom we have worked with from small private operators to large independents and majors. Our memberships in organizations within the industry include: The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Society of Professional Evaluation Engineers (SPEE), IPAA, TIPRO, Houston’s Producer’s Forum, Houston A&D Group and HAPL.
  2. We Evaluate deals quickly. We usually evaluate and respond to sellers within days of receiving a complete lease operating statement for the past twelve months.
  3. We are privately capitalized cash buyers. We use bank financing which enables us to move and close quickly. Our bids are never contingent upon financing.